Sunday, July 10, 2011

I know its been awhile

I'm so sorry for that!

I have a cycle update. Today is cd 28, 14 dpo and af arrived!

I had a perfect 28 day cycle. Its the first time since I was like 14 and its awesome.

I will admit I am bummed we aren't pregnant. But...

We are going to Florida in August for vacation and I'm trying so hard to lose as much weight as possible. Ive been going to the gym almost every day, and I joined a Zumba class!

So me getting af is a bummer, but at the same time its relieving because I'm working so hard towards my weight goal!

I got to redecorate my bedroom this week. Our bed wont be in for a month, so that stinks..but once it is I will post pics!

I am going to do research on how to improve egg quality and hopefully have a stronger ovulation next time!

I will be having alot of tests done this month. On day 3(Tuesday) I will be getting all my hormones tested as well as being tested for all the different blood clotting disorders. Then sometime between cd 5-12 I will be getting an Sonohysterogram(SHG) done. These tests will be done to see if there is a reason for our reoccurring early losses.

I'm nervous, but I know it will be good. I have a good feeling for August *wink* I cant help it! LOL

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