Thursday, June 9, 2011

A week worth of updates(sort of)

Sorry to have been MIA. I just wanna say thank you ladies for being interested in my blog, but from here on out..anything that is said here is completely 100% private. A few of you know me in real life, so if I announce a pregnancy or something to that effect please don't tell anyone so that we are able to announce when WE feel comfortable :)
This portion of the blog was written on 6-8-11
This week has been such an emotional rollercoaster. I have had faint lines on pregnancy tests, yet my blood test on Wednesday say <5, but everyone has to start somewhere so I wonder if maybe I'm borderline, maybe like 4.5...but since it wasn't a 5 it wasn't "counted". I really wished they had given me a number, but they didn't. :(
I feel so pregnant, my chart says "pregnant", and those tests are really messing with my head. I know there are lines there as hubs can see them too. Grr. If they are ALL bad tests, I am going to be so heartbroken. :(

______________________this portion was written on 6-10-11
Well today is 14dpo, still having faint lines, so they just must be bad tests :(
I have pretty much given up hope for this cycle. My temps look insanely good, but I dont feel like I can even trust those.
If I dont get af by Tuesday(which I wont) then we will be repeating the blood test.
Today I was beyond stressed with everything and my back has been hurting alot so hubs sent me to get a massage. She worked out alot of knots, so that was good..but it was a very painful process. I left feeling very relaxed, yet exhausted. Ive been so tired this week.
Symptoms of the week:
Exhuastion, frequent urination, extreme thirst(which could explain the frequent urination), bloat, feeling weepy, extremely high temps, no sore boobs, and an acne breakout.

Again Im not counting anything anymore. Me and hubs were convinced that I was pregnant, yet now..I am not so sure. Please pray for us, as this has definitely been one of the most stressful TWWs ever.

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