Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vivid Dream

So I had a dream. Its one of those repeat dreams that happen ever so often.
I had it a few months ago, but then forgot about it before I even told hubs about it.
Well this morning I made sure I told him about it as soon as I woke up.

First off me and Miles somehow could breath in water. Then we had to jump in this hole in the ground(aka a cave) that was water filled. Well, then we had to swim through this tiny opening and it opened into a room full of big balls. Kind of like water balloons but the size of a workout ball. I swam around in the room popping the balls like no bodies business.
After that we transitioned into another room. It was full of baby toys and stuff. Hubs' mom and Aunt C were there, I also think his cousin K was there too but that part is fuzzy. Anyways, after a few minutes in that room, we went to the pooh bear display and behind that was a secret door that led to the piranhas that were protecting the big fish that we had to defeat. Last time I had this dream, we defeated the big fish and then I woke up. This time, we only got so far as to get to the piranhas.

This is hubs' interpretation. This is our journey to try to get pregnant. The balls I popped were my eggs, we were the sperm, the cave was well the vajajay and the big fish is Endo. Since we don't know if we are pregnant now...that is why my dream ended early.

It totally didn't hit me til after he "interpreted it" that it sounds EXACTLY like that. Its so weird, but I remember so much more this time around..but last time there were more rooms that we had to go through. This time the "journey" was more simple. Still scary, yet not as complicated.

Makes me wonder what is going to happen....

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  1. wow thats a pretty neat dream! if u don't mind I would love to follow u. I hope ur lines are getting darker!

    heres my email =)


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