Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Update & Side Effects

So I haven't updated you guys as you read in my previous post I had the hcg trigger shot on Monday, the 23rd. Which happens to also be our wedding anniversary.

I was excited, this meant an anniversary baby!

But, then it happened..I had the followup ultrasound yesterday and it didn't show as good of news as we were hoping.

My left follie which was the one we were trying to rupture, shrunk... to 18mm.

The right one, grew BARELY to 14mm.

Soo, when the doctor saw it, he had me start BACK up on the follistim. Which I have NEVER heard of. I can not find ANYWHERE that someone has experienced having the trigger and THEN starting BACK UP with the meds....I'm praying to God that I get good news today, because I'm already so worried that this cycle will do nothing but make me get a bunch of cysts...

Now I know that is the update none of us were hoping for. But I'm praying we get better news today..

As far as side effects go, I'm getting them ALL.
Headaches(migraine status)
Bloat(painful, painful bloat)
Mood swings(Watch out!!)
Breast Pain(Miles doesn't like this one)
Back pain(keeps me up at night)

I almost feel like I have the flu. I feel achey and just not well. The side effects start almost immediately after the injection.

It will be worth it if we get a baby out of this, but if not..I wont be a very happy camper.

I am trying so hard to stay positive and not worry, but who am I kidding, I am MORE than worried...I was so hopeful, had such good feelings...but now..I literally have no clue what to expect next.

I guess God likes to keep me on my toes!

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  1. Definitely here for you! Praying that this is your month I would be an unhappy camper too if it didn't happen with what you're going through!


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