Sunday, May 1, 2011

T minus 3 days

In three days we will be taking a last minute trip to my parents place in Colorado. They have about 7 cabins gutted that we have to have ready by Memorial Day weekend!!!! We are going for 7-10 days depending on when I get af. Its an opportunity for them to get the help that they need and us to make the money we need for our upcoming round of treatment.

Its crazy how God has provided for us when it seemed like we were screwed. I'm trying so hard to have hope, while everything feels hopeless.

I think in combination with statistics and hormones its been a challenging week. I have had two of the four PIO shots and I am pretty sure they are doing their job because last night I had some pain that felt like cysts rupturing, but we shall see.

God has a plan, and I truly believe He will be faithful. Please pray for us, as I am so struggling with the feeling of just emotional exhaustion.

Love you guys and thank you for ALL the support!!


  1. Goodluck Ashley!! Hope you have fun in CO! The weather's been wonky but I'm sure the sun will shine on you and Miles!


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