Thursday, May 19, 2011

A request and an update :)

Ashleyasmith87 asked me what our names were. Well Ashley since you asked :) And your so right, talking baby names is a fun distraction from the current situation. LOL
Our daughter will be named Eliana, and our son will be named Broderick. With the nicknames Ellie and Brody. We have more names but since they arent set in stone, I wont mention them yet :) I have a few favs and I want to keep those on the DL til we decide because I dont want anyone to steal them :)(yes that has happened more than once) Those two names are so set in stone, I dont care if anyone else uses them I have had them picked out for a year and a half so they arent going anywhere. :) Eliana was given to us by God. It means "God has answered", and I cried when I found it. It is also a combination of both our mothers names which makes it even more special! I cant wait to use it!!


If anyone has any questions that they want answered feel free to email me at


Now onto the update.

Today is cd 7 and day 2 of my injections :) I haven't started feeling anything in the ovaries yet, but Im sure that will come soon enough!

It was quite the scare as I received a phone call on Tuesday night from the nurse which you can read about here. But apparently the doc thought it was fine so we started our shots yesterday!!!!

I'm so excited. I cant even describe how relieved, excited, and nervous I am! Our first ultrasound is also on our second wedding anniversary!! How exciting is that?! The nurse said ones the follicles reached 18-20mm we would do the HCG injection!

I feel fully confident in our circumstances. We have outstanding swimmers, my tubes are squeaky clean, I have no Endo for the time being and I'm on amazing drugs!!

I am praying for 2-3 amazing follicles. I realize that means we could have twins or heck even triplets, but you know what? I'm ok with that. It will be super hard, but God wont give us more than we can handle!

That is what I'm learning. He likes to push us. I trust Him with all of this!


  1. Yes! I'm so glad you were able to start! (Also love Eliana, but you already know that. :) )

    Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Very Nice names!!! :D FX this is your cycle!

  3. We wanted the nickname Ellie too, but the closest thing we could come up with was Elena so we've gone a different route. Congrats on your 2nd wedding anniversary and that you get great results and get those big follicles!

  4. Love the name Brody! We had picked Brady and are still holding out for it. (((hugs))) Love you girlie!!


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