Monday, May 23, 2011

My happy place

So today I had my first ultrasound to show how many follicles have been responding to the Follistim and the sizes.

Since my left ovary is so hard to find, it is often incredibly painful when they go digging looking for it. So today I told myself to go to my happy place...Initially I told myself to think about Maui...but instead I got a vision of me holding our baby right after delivery, it calmed me. I felt a sense of joy that I cant explain. I realized right then and there, that I would do anything for my baby. The baby that hasn't even been conceived yet, the baby I so yearn for.

I was told that anything above a 1.8 was considered a mature egg and that is when we would do a trigger. So today I have one follicle that is 1.9mm.

So I leave in about half an hour to go get my HCG injection, and I am praying that the vision I had earlier today does indeed happen in about 9 months...

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