Friday, May 27, 2011

*Emotional Roller Coaster*

Wow this week has just been insane with emotional highs and lows. From having hope, to it being taken away, to a tiny sliver handed back...

Can I just say I am so ready to get off this emotional roller coaster? The one day being just ok, the next being devastated, the next having more hope its like come ON! How much can one person take?

I am sure the u/s tech is tired of seeing me. This morning I had my fifth u/s of the week! Its insane.

A little rundown of this weeks occurrences:
(Anything over 18mm is mature and ready to be released)
Mondays u/s revealed a 19mm follicle on my left side, and a 13.9mm on my right. So we did an hcg injection to make the left one rupture.

On Tuesday the 19mm one shrunk! To 18mm. The one on my right grew to 14mm. So we continued the follistim, instead of taking 75iu, I decided to take 100iu.

Now on Wednesday things started to get a little interesting. The left one shrunk even more leading the docs to believe that it was dissipating, not ovulating. And even the one on the right started to shrink to 13.5mm.... what the heck is going on?

Now rewind for a moment
On monday there was a tiny follie on my right that measured 8.8mm
By wednesday it measured 9.8, so they decided that is the follie we wanted to stimulate.

Ok now back to Thursdays ultrasound. Thursdays showed that the 13.5mm egg ovulated, but since its immature...I am not sure there can be a pregnancy come out of it. So we continued stimming. But get this...
The 9.8mm one grew to 10.8mm and another one popped up over night measuring like 11.9mm

Now here we are at today's ultrasound. The most exciting yet. I seriously can not believe the news we got today...

*drumroll please*

We have SEVEN follicles. Four on my left. Three on the right.
Five of them showed up OVERNIGHT.
The top four size wise are
L: 15mm, and 12mm
R: 15mm, and 12mm
and then we have two 9mms, and one 10mm....

So what this means is tomorrow morning we go for our ultrasound, and then possibly get the trigger shot tomorrow or Sunday depending on the results.

I seriously can not believe I have 7 follicles. That is INSANE. We had barely two yesterday!!!

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