Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busted Cycle

My ovaries have no idea what the hell they are doing. And consequently I have no idea what the hell we will be doing.

At this point our cycle has been declared a "bust" and it would be a miracle to get pregnant off the two immature eggs I released a few days ago.
Our next steps are to see an RE in Omaha, but as poor as we are, not sure when that will actually happen as the consult alone is $400. I am going to ask my doc about a referral. One follicle was 14mm and the other was 15mm(at the time of the u/s, could have grown before actually rupturing)

I'm worried, scared, and frustrated as to why I had such a bad response to such a good medication.

I'm scared this may mean IVF is in our future. I am not sure.

If we don't get a miracle this week, we will be on hold indefinitely. :'(

I plan on continuing to lose weight, and we will be scheduling an appt for hopefully June or July with the RE. Depending on what she says, we may or may not get to continue our treatments in August. If she says IVF is our only shot, it may be a year before we can try :(

I know God has this in His hands, and I thank Him for everything. But this will definitely be one of the questions I ask Him when we get to heaven... "why"

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