Friday, April 8, 2011

A little update :)

According to all the signs, my bbt, and what not.. I am officially 1dpo. :O

What?! Did I just say that? On cd 15, I am 1dpo!

I am not 100% convinced because I am requesting a blood test to be done to confirm I have had been fooled before

But I am choosing to be positive and believe all the signs. I had the fertile CM, the bbt temp rise, the cramps, the breast pain, EVEN O spotting!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously cant believe it.

Is it actually possible that I would go from not cycling AT ALL(pre-lap), to having a perfect 28 day cycle(post-lap)? I mean really? I never even O'd on meds this early!!!

But ALL the signs point to it.

We had perfect timing and if I am pregnant I will be due right at the end of December! Which is crazy because I had a dream about a month ago that I had a baby boy on January 1st. I thought to myself that it was just an insignificant dream because I knew the timing would be terribly off because of surgery.

But holy cow....


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