Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling renewed

I was laying here, and I got a phone call from a lady at church asking me and my husband to be a leader of small group at our church this summer. I am beyond flattered. To know that someone thinks enough of us to trust us in this type of role is beyond amazing.

I know that God has really been working in my life and stretching and molding me, I can feel the changes. To be honest, I am amazed to look back even the past couple of months and see the growth in my relationship with not only Christ but my husband and my friends. I feel so insanely blessed. My love for Christ is growing every day. I know no matter what we face, He is there. He cares so much about us. Just to think about everything He has done so far, brings me to tears.

We are in the midst of a church wide fast. I chose to give up my favorite forum and my personal facebook for this fast. I am believing that the next three weeks God will continue to mold me, and break off generational curses that have been in my family for years.

I am believing that the spirit of anger, hatred, unforgiveness, lying, and abuse will be broken in the name of Jesus! This will NOT be passed on to my children. My kids will be blessed in the name of Jesus. They will be raised in a home filled with love and prayer. I want my home to be one that you can feel the Spirit of God in.

I have discovered a love for having people over and just being hospitable. I love finding opportunities to have people over and feeding them lol. I have a huge desire that when someone walks in that they can feel Christ's love. I really hope this is the case, and if its not that it will become that way. :)

The past few years I have not been very "involved" in ministry, and I know that God is calling me back. I had a few things that I needed to work through, but I feel like I have gotten through so much spiritually. I know its never ending, and honestly I cant wait to see where God takes me in my relationship with Him and me and hubs in our marriage, our life, and our family.

This post may be all over the place, because I am a lil medicated still LOL but I just had to get all of that out! I love my God and I am SO EXCITED to see where He continues to take us in 2011!! I knew there would be something different about this year and so far I LOVE IT!!


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