Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Ive Been Thinking About Lately

Well its been such a busy time in my life recently, I have hardly had the time to sit and relax none the less blog. Ive been spending alot more time in the Word and making sure that I'm giving more to God.

Our pastor has been doing a series on financial freedom, and its been AMAZING. I have learned so much, not only on HOW to honor God in our finances, but WHY we should. I feel like God has been speaking to me on so many different levels the past few weeks. I feel stretched in ways I didnt know possible.

For some of you, this may sound weird. But the past few weeks(since Ive started committing more time to God) Ive been having spiritual attacks on my body and emotions. It may sound crazy, but Satan has been using the only part of me he thinks he can use to get at me....which is my fertility.

For about a week and a half, every single time I saw a pregnant friend or even someone who could be "potentially" pregnant I didnt see them...I saw their reproductive system. Almost like an animation, a "vision" if you will. It was TORTURE as I would watch sperm meet egg, fertilized egg travel down the fallopian tubes, and then implant into the uterus thus creating a pregnancy. Thats literally ALL I SAW. It took me rebuking Satan to get it to stop.

At first I thought I was losing my mind, but then my friend told me she believed it was a spiritual attack, and sure enough once I rebuked him, it stopped.

Its been a rough few weeks, but I am feeling closer to God and I am looking forward to whats to come!!

I just wanted to let you know what Ive been going through lately and I want to let all you know that I am constantly praying that you all will get your miracles!


  1. *faint* i love your blogging on so many levels. So MANY LEVELS!! I think people forget that we arent battling flesh and nlood but spirits and principalities and darkness. Good for you shutting the devil down before he could push you over the edge!!!

  2. With the strange stuff happening around our house, hearing voices, and strange disorienting noises I'm almost positive it's not something nice. Every time I pray it goes away! It's not weird all to me, but it is scary sometimes.

    We're all constantly praying for you too Ashley! :)


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