Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update and random thoughts

Its a crazy crazy time at work these days. I havent had much time to post or even think about posting. But Im going to take a lil moment out of my day off to let you guys know whats going on and somethings that I have been thinking about.

First off, I have taken 3 pills of Femara, and tonight will be my 4th. Yesterday I was MAJORLY bloated. And I dont think I ate corn.....so I have no idea what was wrong. Maybe the femara? Ive been having headaches since starting it, but I hear that's a normal and expected side effect.

Ok now onto my random thoughts that I have been having and what not.

I have been day dreaming alot about my baby(ies) and the desire in my heart is definitely aflame. My due date will be December 1st if I conceive this cycle. Which just happens to be 2 days before my birthday! Ive thought of baby names and found a couple more that I adore!! I havent let myself look at nursery things yet....Plus I dont think there are any new themes since the last time I looked! That will probably happen in a couple weeks :) haha

I really really really am fighting to stay positive. There have been a few moments this week where I feel like everyone is going to have kids before me(which most already have one). Im fighting off the feelings of bitterness about my situation. I dont want to be upset and bitter that everyone around me is pregnant.

I dreamt I delivered a beautiful baby boy. We shall see. We are hoping for a girl, hubs has a more specific prayer. He wants non-identical twin girls, one with blonde hair, and one with brown hair. It cracks me up, but he is completely serious. I love that he is already trying to prepare to be a daddy. I catch him reading the "Early Years Parenting" magazine. As often as they come in, it melts my heart for sure. I just hope I can make him a daddy soon....I know its hard for me to see his bro and wife being pregnant...but I know that its hard on him too. :(


  1. I think the bloating is a good sign. It means your egg/eggies are growing:) I hope u get a birthday bfp!

  2. Good luck! Wow, what a neat dream!

  3. Grow, eggs, grow!!!

    My husband is hoping we do NOT have twin girls! He's already terrified of their dating years. Heh. I think he's old-fashioned (and a touch sexist, bless his heart) but I don't care either way!

    If you feel comfortable sharing names, I'd love to hear!! We like Eleanor, Sylvia, Natalie, and Rebecca for girls, Isiah, Gabriel, Darius, and *possibly* Damien for boys. (We both love Damien but are worried about the devil-child associations. I think his generation will be too young for that, but...)

    Of course, I change my mind on names all the time. :)


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