Friday, March 18, 2011

T minus 13 days

Til surgery that is!! I'm on the progesterone and awaiting af. I thought I had O'd on Tuesday, but Im not so sure now we wait. The lap is around the corner!! As long as af arrives like planned.

Im actually really excited about surgery, and knowing that I will be doing injections a few weeks later!! EEEKKK!!!! I know our chances of multiples skyrockets, but you know what ILL TAKE WHATEVER I CAN GET!!!!(Im actually secretly hoping for twins...)

With the fact that I didnt respond to the oral meds this month just makes it that much clearer its going to take something stronger to get me to ovulate and ovulate "right" at that!

It kind of surprised me because I have lost almost 15lbs and I didnt respond at all to the Femara!! They say losing weight helps you respond better to meds, but apparently not......


  1. Good luck! just letting u know that i was TTC for 3 years, had surgery last sept and found out im pregnant this past Christmas! with no meds! i really hope it helps you like it helped me!

  2. Woohoo!! Fingers crossed that the lap is what you need to kick-start this whole thing!

  3. I still can't understand why the Femara didn't work! Ugh! I was really hoping it would!

    I'm excited for your surgery! I'm nervous for you (in a good way), but I think it'll help answer a lot of questions!

    I'm secretly hoping for twins too! :D I can definitely imagine you as a twin mom, you seem like a planner that's super organized.

  4. Good luck with the lap and injectables! Hopefully, things will start to work out for you after all of that.


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