Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 days and counting....

...til surgery that is. Yep! You read that right, the lap has been scheduled for Thursday morning, March 31st at 9am.

I feel so many different emotions about it to be honest. I am excited, scared, nervous, overwhelmed, etc.

God has really been working in our life, and keeps blessing us!

You want an example you say? O.k. fine, Ill give one to you...
On Tuesday night, my bestest friend texted me and told me that she was going to give me the follistim for my first cycle. Do you realize how much money that saves us? Like close to $1200. I cried. I mean that is incredible. (THANK YOU K!!)

There are two hospitals that we could have had surgery at, and I was praying it would be at St. E's because they have a financial assistance program. Well guess what? St E's called me on Thursday to preregister for my surgery. There's example number two, just in case you wanted another one.

I was really struggling with the thoughts of the fact that God would be leading us down a road that would cause us to go into more debt, and our church just finished up a sermon series on honoring God with your finances and getting out of debt. We started tithing in February, and I just feel that God is being faithful just like His word promises He will!

I am believing for healing through this surgery. I have a feeling our little bundle of joy(s) are coming soon!!


  1. God is working his plan for you! :) Its amazing how perfectly things are falling into place, Your time is coming! :)

  2. wishing you luck sweetie! I will be thinking of you thursday! and I hope it gets you one step closer to your BFP!! by the way you are soo freakin pretty love the dress!


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