Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Facebook Solution

I have opened a new account on facebook JUST FOR those who are my friends in the TTC/Infertility community!!

I am so excited about this, as recently I have had some pretty judgemental things happen towards me and hubs on facebook.
If you are not apart of this community and have a problem with me writing my emotions and what not, then thats on you. You know who you are...
If you dont like it, dont read it.
BUT to keep myself protected from all of that drama, I made a new facebook to help myself stay sane with all my buddies, and to also help protect myself from those who judge what I write here and on facebook.

This is my personal space to get through my emotions and to be open and personal with those who are going through this. If you choose to read it, then I am not liable with any hurt feelings, etc because have been warned.


  1. Good for you! BTW you look great!!!! Got any tips on dropping the pounds?

  2. Good for you. that is a good idea. I know how I felt when I was TTC.And now I am always feeling guilty while posting my son's pic on FB. This seems like a good idea. I can create another account just for my close family so I can share my son's pics.

    Happy ICLW!!

    PS: you look beautiful.

  3. Great idea to get a separate facebook page. I might do the same... I know there are people who know what's going on, but I can't share the news in one place, and I'm not soooo open about my blog (b/c it can be super personal sometimes)... Visiting from ICLW -- :-) And I agree with Crystal - you look great!

  4. Hi! I'm visiting from ICLW and I just wanted to say that I have learnt a lot about healing from God lately and that it is definitely possible for Him to heal you! I hope you will be pregnant soon with your twins as per your little sisters prophecy!

  5. That's a great solution to avoid dealing with assvice. Hope you have a great ICLW.

    ICLW #19

  6. Sorry that you've had to deal with such drama. IF is traumatic enough without all of that!


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