Friday, February 18, 2011

So ready for this week to be over!!!

Ok so this week has been just so insanely stressful!

First for Valentines Day hubs had a huge night planned. Sooo naturally I had lots to do to get ready! Get my nails done, get a dress, and some awesome hot pink high heels!! Well ON V-day I saw that my dress had been ruined in the wash(the dye leaked everywhere!!) so I had to return it and spend three hours searching for a new one! It was so so stressful! All in all, I had a blast. Hubs had reservations at a top rated restaurant in Lincoln, then had reserved us a room at a local bed and breakfast!! It was a fantastic night :) We had champagne and were in bed by like 11pm. Talk about feeling old!! LOL
Here are a couple of pics from that night!

Ok so work has been insane, and Im about to only get one day off a week for the next 3-4 weeks. Im so exhausted! We are going to be understaffed too, as much as I love my job, it wont be fun! :( Ive been just so exhausted this week!! I really am praying I get energy, because I dont know how much more I can take of running running and running some more!! lol

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