Friday, February 18, 2011

50 follower GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok so as promised here is the giveaway details!!!!!!

Here is the winners prize!!
A coffee cozy from my friend Melissa at Arm Chair Knits!!
I bought this reusable coffee mug and will send a $5 gift card to Starbucks as well!!

If you want to be the LUCKY winner then please comment below by answering one of the following questions!!(I borrowed these from my friend Lisa from over at Pursuit of Pregnancy) as I am too tired to come up with anything else at the moment!
~How do you know me or how did you find my blog?
~And what do you like most about my blog?
~Do you have a favorite blog post of mine, and why?
~Is there something that we have in common (IF or otherwise - check out my "About Us" page)?
~What has been your biggest struggle or obstacle during your IF journey?

Each participant will be assigned a number and I will use to generate the winner!!
The contest will close on Friday February the 25th at 6pm and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter
Thank you to all my followers, this giveaway is kinda small but when we get to the 100 follower mark I promise Ill make it up to you! haha


  1. I cannot believe there are no comments for this giveaway. I love bloggy giveaways. :) Congrats on reaching 50 followers.

    I don't actually recall how I found your blog, I think it was through Hannah's Prayer.

    And to answer a second question as a bonus, my current favorite post of yours is your most recent one about facebook! Way to go!!

  2. Yeah to give aways!

    I found your blog from TWW and then fell in love with your old Header pic

  3. Biggest struggle in our IF journey is getting Answers!!! it sucks not knowing

    yeah to 50 subs, hope u get more

  4. I'm on a caffeine-diet, so I don't need your prize. But I LOVE your blog! I love how honest you are. :) We're in different places in our IF journey, but I feel like a lot of our emotions are the same.

    Have fun!!

  5. I found your blog on TWW. Congrats on reaching 50.:)

  6. I found your blog through TWW. I was amazed by how similar our situations were in some respects. We both have PCOS, never ovulate without meds (even then respond poorly), losses, dealing with pregnant family members, etc. I completely understand a lot of your frustrations and can relate to a lot of the comments you've posted here.


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