Sunday, February 6, 2011

New plans

So as you read here a huge wrench was thrown into our plans. We have spent the past three days trying to just figure out what to do. Obviously find a new doc is at the top of the list.

Our choices was 1)Go to our old doc in town. 2) See the other doc that is in town that has IUI on site. Or 3) Go to Omaha to the RE Ive wanted to see for awhile.

Out of the three choices, I didn't really wanna go to my old doc. I called them and for one cycle of injections with monitoring would cost around $3500. They are good but do not have IUI on site, we would have to go to Omaha for that. So if in two cycles we weren't pregnant we would end up going to a different doc anyway.

The second choice is a strong contender, I need to call them in the morning to find out their average cost per cycle and how soon I could get in for a consult and if they perform laps there. An acquaintance of mine did their IUIs there and have a precious lil boy as a result!

The third choice is probably the most expensive(I only have the consultation fee to base that off of though). For the initial visit, it is $400 (at least it was last summer). Since I have a couple different diagnoses though, I'm wondering if that visit would be covered by insurance. Im going to call them in the morning as well. I want to know how much it is for monitoring for a cycle of injections and a lap. I had a friend go here to get surgery for fibroids and she LOVED Dr M.

I have an appointment with my current doctor in the morning. Im planning on asking him for a script of femara. I figure it couldn't hurt to take that while waiting for surgery. Im going to ask for a script of prenatals too. A few of my TTC friends have prescription prenatals and they love them. I want some!! I am also going to ask for a referral to whichever clinic I decide to go to. (Im leaning towards choice #3)

There is more, but I came down with a cold last night, so Im not sure I will even end up staying up to finish watching the super bowl. Not feeling well at all.

I will update you all tomorrow!


  1. Hope you feel better. Good Luck choosing. Most docs dont charge for a consultation, thats outrageous!!

  2. Feel better!
    Hope whichever doctor you choose to go with will get your pregnant ASAP! :D...... (and not charge you an arm and a leg :P hehe)


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