Friday, January 14, 2011

What a busy week!

Life has been super crazy this week, first off we came home on Sunday during the storm. That was the scariest ride of my life! Seriously. Here is what hubs wrote about it on our family website as he was the one driving:

For all those who were wondering we did finally make it home last night at 9. So the normally 6 to 7 hour trip only took 11 hours. The roads were bad but the drivers were worse. At the start of our trip on a onramp a pickup two cars ahead did three and a half spins before parking it sideways on the shoulder. On the interstate some trucks passed us and when that happened you could not see anything for 5 to 10 seconds. Scary. But we saw two of those trucks for sure in the ditch later on. A couple more may have been. Finally we are 20 miles out of lincoln roads are good a little bit of snow pack in the left lane. I start passing a truck and for no reason and with no bliinker he swerves into my lane. I hit the brakes and skid around a little and came about 1 ft from hitting him. Then he pulled back in to his lane and I drove past him. Stupid truckers

Now that you have a little view of how our trip home went, you can just imagine by the time the last incident with the semi happened, I was in tears. At that point, I was crying saying, "Just get me home" over and over again. Thankfully not too much longer and we were safe and sound at home. A trip that should have been less than 7 hours, took us 11 hours. Poor hubs had to drive the whole way as with my back issues I really cant handle driving for more than an hour, and in those conditions..well I just trusted him more!

Due to that storm, we ended up having a snow day on Monday. That was really nice as we were just exhausted from the day before. I had alot of issues with school this week. I accidentally withdrew from a class, and it took four hours to get back into it with two trips to school and alot of emails. I am taking all my classes online, and that professor was home with the flu. So thats why it was so difficult to get things going. Plus it didnt help that the schools registrar were just terrible. Then two days later, another prof accidently took me out of their class. I wasnt happy. Especially since my financial aid was on the line. Needless to say this week has been so beyond stressful!!

Yesterday I decided to call a few bridal shoppes in town to see if they were hiring as that is my area of specialty, not to mention I LOVE it. The two places I called are hiring, and I already have an interview for the morning!! I really hope I am offered a job with decent hours. We need the money now more than ever. Please pray that I go through the door that God wants me to! We have been praying for a job that not only will pay the bills, but one that I will love.

Tonight was date night and we went to a movie.
Hubs showed up at our front door, rang the doorbell, and presented me with these:

So beautiful! I love all the colors. He is the best! :)

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  1. Wow, craziness! I'm glad you made it back okay. Good luck with the job opportunity!


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