Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome To ICLW!

Welcome to all of you who has stumbled upon my blog through ICLW!! Im very excited to be apart of it again this month! My TTC timeline is on the side bar so I wont bore you with all the details! :)

For those of you who read my New Job post, there was alot of concern and I so appreciate it!! I was very concerned after that interview, but needing a job and knowing I would love this one. I took it. I have worked every day since Monday(except Tuesday) and I can honestly say I love my job. Everyone who works there is incredibly nice, and I got a surprise on Wednesday. Remember how I noted that the asst. manager is trying for a baby...

She has been trying for around 5 years! The only thing left for them to do is IVF. I wont blog about her whole situation, because well that is her business. But I do kinda of feel relieved, not because she is infertile. But because this is the first time I have had the pleasure of talking to someone in real life about this. She is alot farther in the journey, but it still is nice.

So I ended up asking my boss about the comment she made in the interview, and she apologized. She said that she has watched C go through the past 5 years, and so she sympathizes with me(as much as she can). And when I do get pregnant, she will be over the moon, because she believes children are a blessing. My job is not on the line. And she hopes it happens for us.

So wow! Its been a crazy week getting to know a new job, new co-workers, and learning that my boss and manager are very ok with the situation and heck they have been dealing with this situation for five years. Knowing my boss will understand doctor appointments and emotions and such is a huge relief!!

All in all, welcome to my blog and I would love to see you become a follower if you are not one already! Its been a slow week with blog posts purely because of starting a new job has been well quite exhausting. But I will try to get a new one up at least every other day for the week anyways. Until next time....


  1. Such a relief! I'm glad that this is working out so well for you.

  2. I've got a coworker much less far on her own IF journey than mine, and it really is a pleasure to talk to someone about it in real life! I recently gave her some of my fertility meditation CDs and it felt so nice to be able to pass them on (they're for natural cycles, which I won't be doing, probably ever again). And she listens to my own IVF reports and gets very excited for me. I do love the internet, but having just one infertile friend in real life has made such a difference!

  3. Happy ICLW! It must be such a relief that your boss and manager will understand about IF and doctor's appointments after all. I'm very happy for you that you've found such a good situation for yourself!

    (ICLW #168)

  4. Stopping by from ICLW :)

    I checked out your TTC timeline... you've been through a lot! I am keeping you in thoughts and prayers - hoping that your next steps of a lap are successful! I had a lap in September, and I was on bedrest for a few days, but overall, it was very successful. Hoping everything goes well!


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