Sunday, January 23, 2011

A shocking reaction and tears in an embarrassing place...

Today we went shopping, because I needed some new work clothes. I bought a whole bunch of stuff last weekend, but now they are falling off. So I ended up taking alot of stuff back. Im actually excited about alot of my outfits haha! I love shopping.

Today however I shocked myself with a terrible attitude. Lately I have been quite content in waiting to TTC again. But today, oh was a different story. We went into JCPenneys, and there was a pregnant woman with a big freaking pregnany belly and I swear she was following me.

But anyways when I saw her, I literally hissed like a cat, scrunched up my face and shook my fist.

Then I stopped and just busted out laughing that I just did that. I mean really?! It took me and my husband by surprise....He couldn't believe what had just happened...and quite honestly, neither could I. Immediately after realizing what just happened, I made the comment "I will blog about this later". I had no idea I had such terribly disgusted feelings about pregnant women inside of me.

To follow that reaction to a pregnant woman, I decided it was best to go into the baby section of Penney's and torture myself. Because well, that just sounded like a fantastic idea at the time. And that is where it happened. Hubs made the very stupid comment that God was going to punish me by making me have all boys, because I always look at the baby girl's dresses.

And it washed over me, the tears flooded my eyes and I just couldn't stop what was about to occur. Needless to say, hubs felt terrible and held me til I stopped crying. He knew he said the WRONG thing...he apologized over and over again. Talk about embarrassing....

Well anywho...Im on cycle day 6 and wondering if this will be the month I finally O on my own? Who knows what God has in store...


  1. *hugs* It's hard. That was a funny story though! :) I hope you O naturally this cycle! Yay for a fresh start!

  2. Men can be incredible clueless sometimes, but they usually mean well. I hope this cycle is your lucky cycle finally!

  3. We all have those moments sweetie. Try not to worry about it. This is just too much for anybody to take on without some tears.

    ICLW #8


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