Thursday, January 6, 2011


I got alot of positive feedback about my previous post
Thank you ladies for ALL of your support!!!

This week I've been hanging out with my family and helping them pack and remodel! Its been some hard work!! Drywall is so NOT fun to deal with! My back has been acting up, but it will be ok! Im looking forward to going home. We have been on the road since Christmas Eve!

Im so eager to getting home, and starting the change in our diet! I called my allergist this morning and she said to keep a food diary and any symptoms for the next few weeks and then call and set up the appointment to get tested. It was reassuring that the nurse said that she thinks Im not losing my mind. Something is obviously going on, its just a matter of what.

I cant wait to get home also because Im starting back with working out. I've been chomping at the bit!!! Im ready to get this weight OFF!!!

School started back yesterday for me, I am NOT excited. But it will be over by St. Patties Day! Thank GOODNESS!!!
Hopefully by then I have a full time job and then I can stop going to school for the time being!! I really hope I can pull out this term grade wise like I did last term! In my opinion nothing can be as hard for me as Ok, thats a lie. :)

Sorry for the messy random post, but I dont really have much to say! Its been a low key busy week. Im spending the weekend in Denver which I am UBER excited about. I get to FINALLY meet up with two of my friends from TWW for the first time!


  1. Yay for going to the Gym! We could be virtual workout buddies! Keep each other on track and going back.
    I am excited for the new year as well. I just have all sorts of good feelings for everyone I know that are TTC. I feel amazing things going on with my life as well.
    Hopefully you get the allergy thing taken care of because I have severe allergies that run my life. I take so many drugs just because of them. And even then life can be still difficult. But you get to a point where it's manageable.
    I think this year I am going to get tested for food allergies because I know I have some issues with certain things..I just don't know what it could be. I got tested for all of the environmental allergens. Should have just done both.

    But good luck this year and I am rooting for you!!!

  2. Haha sounds like we are super alike! We can definitely be virtual workout buddies!! I think 2011 will be a year of blessing for alot of my friends. Allergies are the worst! I got tested for environmental and begged him to do food but he refused, so Im glad they are agreeing to do it. When I did environmental my back looked like I had been whipped because the welts was seriously so bad! My back felt like it was on fire for two months after, and thats about when the welts went away!! IT WAS TERRIBLE! I am deathly allergic to grass, mold, bad allergic to trees mildew and ragweed cats and dogs. Its terrible!!

  3. I wish I could start feeling that same itch for eating better and working out! I have had such a hard time motivating myself lately!! Good luck to you though lady!


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