Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So today I had a very interesting thing happen. Im a firm believer in the fact that kids can say things that are well, from God. "Out of mouth of babes" lol.

Well ok rewind about 10 years, my mom said that for a month we(my bro, sis, and I) kept telling her that she was pregnant. She didnt believe us, she had just gotten on birth control and they had tried for 9 years and had given up the idea of having another baby. Well I bet you can guess who was right....lol and my little sister just turned 10.

Ok so now go back to a few months ago, my mom was having issues where she wouldnt stop bleeding. The docs ran some tests, but she went to a health food store and my lil sister(the then 9 year old) held up progesterone and said "Mom, I think you need this!". Ok what 9 year old knows what progesterone is, and knows how it can effect the female body!? The doc confirmed a few days later that progesterone was INDEED what my mom was lacking. Hmmm....

Ok now lets go back a few hours. I am visiting my parents, I get to come about 2x a year. So I was sitting in the living room and my sister says "So does it hurt when they kick? I think the blood drained from my face, my stomach went in knots and I stumbled out the words "umm sis, Im not pregnant". She looked embarassed and then went on to say "Oh, well you will be soon, and when you have them you have to promise me that you will bring them to play with me. Hmmm......

Ok not going to lie, I got chills when I realized what she had just said. Im feeling renewed hope. Even if my lil sister isnt right in all that she said, I just feel our breakthrough is coming. And she reminded me of that.

Oh did you notice how she kept saying them???? :)


  1. Very interesting. I believe that god sends us signs, to give us hope etc. I hope you get "them" soon!!

  2. I'm going to be watching your blog with anticipation now, waiting for that announcement.

    God can use anything to speak to us. I am hopeful for you!!

  3. That's so strange. LOL. I remember when I was little I prayed for my mom's good friend to get pregnant. I don't remember how long it took (a few months maybe but in kiddom time is all relative). Anyway, after years of trying nothing worked until I had prayed for her. I was one of the first people she told. I was 5 or 6 at the time and I will never forget that she told my mom to tell me that my prayers had worked!

  4. I say take it as a sign!

    Today my RE ran my ultrasound scan under the "early OB" package. He was grumbling about having to switch everything over, but I was taking it as a sign for sure. :)

  5. Here from Mel:

    About a week and a half before I found out I was pregnant (I was 10 days late before I finally tested...), my best friends 5-year-old asked me if I was old enough to have a baby in my belly. Coincidence? Possibly. More likely that children simply know things that we don't, that they are sensitive to things we adults cannot comprehend? Yes. So...here's to hoping your little sis is right!

  6. Here from Mel's roundup...I strongly believe that some people are able to sense things that others can't and that children are even more open to these messages. Hoping and praying your sister is right (and I think she is).

  7. I hope your maybe-prophecy comes true!

  8. Here from the roundup. I hope your sister is right again!



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