Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wow what a weekend

Ok so Im sure alot of you are familiar with the side effect from Clomid known as RAGE. Well I think on Friday I had that, but from a Clomid withdrawal. I seriously havent been as angry as I was in a very long time, maybe it was all the pent up feelings from the previous weeks just getting out Im not sure. All I know is it made my birthday miserable. We ended up pretending that my birthday was part of yesterday so that we could make some good memories out of it. Our house is finally all decorated so I will try and make another post of our holiday decor :)
The past few weeks have really taken a toll on me. School ends in 1.5 weeks and I couldn't be more excited for a break. I just need to have NOTHING to think about.
We talked yesterday and it looks like since we are facing surgery, that our break may be more than a year long :( Unless something breaks through and we get the funds we may have to wait til January 2012 before we can continue with surgery and then treatments.
My wisdom tooth on my bottom left has been really bothering me so I am scheduled to get that(and the others) pulled on Thursday afternoon. I will have to skip class on Friday but it will be ok. Im pretty sure Ill still pass the class with a B.
I think thats all for now, Im feeling somewhat better about everything that has happened..still sad when I see and hear about all the new babies...but one day that will be me...and when that day comes it will be insanely crazy good :)


  1. Sorry your birthday didn't go well. :(

    Have you talked to your doctor about how s/he will code the surgery? I'm sure you have "infertility" in your file, but sometimes there are ways they can code things so that it's not viewed as ferility related and it will be covered by insurance. It might be a long shot, but maybe something to look into.

    I hope you have a great Christmas--your decor is gorgeous!

  2. Stef, the surgery is covered because all diagnosis/treatment things related to endo is covered. Its the inject treatments that we would be facing after that is going to cost us. Because oral treatments feed endo faster, we would automatically do injections..


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