Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wisdom teeth Thursday!

Well today was the day that I got my wisdom teeth removed, thankfully I only had to get 2 out of the 3 remaining ones pulled. The top one came out relatively easily, seriously came out in less than 30 seconds! After that, the bottom one...well lets just say apparently it was impacted/completely bone in, so that one came out in 14 pieces and took an over hour to pull :( My face is so numb, but thats ok because in the past they have always worn off halfway during any procedure and that is NO FUN AT ALL!! Im just praying that I dont get dry socket and that everything heals up quickly so that Im ok by Christmas!!!

So ok I got a positive OPK(if you go by the rule that if part of the line is as dark).. YESTERDAY!!! :) Its not as dark as some peoples, but since then my opks have gotten significantly Im taking it and running with it! We dtd last night and as long as Im feeling ok we will again later tonight, and continue til my temps confirm O....Of course if I O tomorrow, af will be due Christmas Eve....will make for either a SUCKY Christmas, or a Christmas sent from God lol...we shall see I guess...First my body has to let go of that eggie!!!

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