Thursday, December 23, 2010

When I stopped believing

Yesterday me and my husband were talking about whether or not we will do "Santa" with our kids. Both of our parents did it with us, but my parents didn't do it with my youngest sister(Im 13 years older). They believed that it was a lie, and they didn't want do that to her. I totally understand that viewpoint. And because of that, we have thought long and hard about this.

I asked him how he found out that Santa wasn't real, and he said he just kind of figured it out when he was 8 or 9. Was he traumatized? No. Did he feel betrayed? No.

He asked me how I found out about it, and I told him I found out when I was 4 or 5. I remember going to school on St Patricks day, and when we were at lunch when the "leprechauns" visited our classroom and there were tiny green footprints all over our classroom! I was so excited!! When I went home, I seriously couldn't believe that there were leprechauns! Of course thats when my mom started to feel guilty, and spilled the beans about all the childhood icons. She went through the list and told me, "There is no such thing as leprechauns, the easter bunny, tooth fairy, or Santa." She said she just felt so guilty.

Well the joke was on them, because that next Christmas I looked out the window and I kid you not. Santa was across the street on the neighbors roof!! I freaked! That happened to be the Christmas that the church blessed our family (who couldn't afford a Christmas) with a huge amount of gifts. I have never seen so many presents in my life! My parents kept telling me that it wasn't Santa, it was some parent dressed up. But I spent that Christmas with a little bit of hope that Santa was indeed real. I am not sure if I ended up believing my parents, or just figured out. But I decided that finding out Santa wasn't real wasn't too traumatizing not to do this with my kids. And I can't wait.

What about you? What is your view on that? Do you plan on "doing Santa" with your kids?


  1. I think Santa is magical, and I would definitely do that with my kids! I was asking a dad about this recently, and he said that they told their kids the stories about Santa, and encouraged them to believe, until they directly asked the question. And then they wouldn't directly lie to the kids. That happened with each of the kids around 8-9, and I like this. I love the story of the Christmas when you saw Santa and the church blessed your family... How wonderful!

  2. We'll definitely do Santa if we get the chance!

    PS-The title of your blog reminds me of the Golden Girls. They always hung on the lanai. :)

  3. I plan to do Santa. I love the holidays. I don't remember a specific moment when I realized Santa wasn't real. I just got it as I got older. And I didn't feel lied to or mad. I just felt older. I treasure the pictures of baby me on Santa's lap. I can't wait to do that with my kids!

  4. I found out about santa when I was 5 in EXACTLY the same way you did. My mom revealed it all to me at once. I'm pretty sure she explained sex to me at that point too! :)

    I think I want my kids to have the magic though. I think I want them to believe. At least for as long as they can...

  5. I think it's nice to believe in something magical at a young age.

  6. Hey Chica, Omar and I actually talked about this after reading you blog and I agree that when our children come into our lives we will carry on the Santa tradition as well. It's not fair to take away some imagination from our children. I remember when I found out "Santa" was my parents leaving presents and I felt like I cracked the biggest case in the world. lol I am sure that it will be great to hear my children get all excited when they wake up on Christmas morning to open their Santa gifts. lol

  7. I love you blog! I stumbled onto it from ICWL (I am ICWL #38). I have my nieces and I didn't want to encourage Santa but my 5 year old niece clearly found out! I couldn't not after seeing her little face light up. Last night when she was leaving out a carrot for the reindeer I thought to myself... how on earth could I take away that excitement? So.... Santa says...

  8. That's a fantastic question, and one to which we haven't yet come up with an answer. I think our solution will be not to fuss too much about it but when our future child (please let it be soon!) are old enough to ask questions we'll do the 'what do you think?' and let them reason their way through it. It's more important to me that we raise our offspring to think logically rather than to just believe in things for the sake of believing. Happy ICLW!


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