Monday, December 13, 2010

What Christmas plans do you have?

Ok so we have a VERY busy 3 weeks ahead of us :) Just to let you in on a little peek of our life (not that you dont get that already haha) I will tell you all about our plans for Christmas vacation. Well first I wanna tell you about my upcoming week! First off its finals week, BLECK! I mean talk about being busy. I go to a college where there are terms not semesters, so everything is condensed. So this week I have a math final, a Spanish chapter test tomorrow, Wednesday I have my Spanish final, and Thursday I have my Final Spanish interview. Whew! Its going to be alot of work, but I think I will survive! I just need to focus on my treat at the end of the week! :)
On Friday we begin our lovely vacation by driving to Denver. We will be spending four days just relaxing and having a blast with Miles cousins and friends I have yet to meet up with or old friends from school. It will be pure bliss I tell ya!
Sat night his cousins are throwing what I expect to be a splendid Christmas party and I cant wait. (On a side note, does anyone know how to break a puppy from humping her toys?)
Saturday my friend Melissa is going to pick me up and we are going to go to the awesome 16th street mall downtown. Not gonna lie, PRETTY EXCITED :) She is one of my closest friends and the best part is she knows exactly how it is to go through IF, so it will be SUCH A RELIEF to finally be able to talk to someone in real life about everything! Im sure she feels the same :) We actually met online at my favorite forum
Im hoping to meet up with my friend Jessie on Sunday for some ice skating and just pure girly fun. She just lost her son to T18 (Rest in peace sweet Aiden) and I cant wait to just give her a big hug! Still need to finalize those plans, but I just cant wait!! We will be able to enjoy Denver til Tuesday morning when we head to my parents place in Grand Lake, Co. I cant wait to just spend time with the fam and enjoy every moment of our family's Christmas traditions. Hubs' family does Christmas on Christmas Eve (which I think is just wrong) and my family does it the right way: one present on Christmas eve, and the rest on Christmas morning! :)
On the 26th we will be heading to the inlaws in Valentine, Ne
We will actually have the house to ourselves for a few days which will be nice, time to unwind and just spend some time together as the inlaws will be at my BIL's holiday tourney. I honestly cant wait for some alone time with the hubs.
After that, we will head to our cousins house to see it for the first time since they moved in!! Then head to Miles' grandparents house where we will be spending the next couple of days with the extended family for the big family Christmas. The biggest downer about that, NO CELLPHONE SERVICE...thats right, you read that right. None. I honestly dont know how I will survive *insert wink*
Once again we will drive back to his parents house for their Christmas on the 1st. And then once again we will be on the road on the 2nd to get home before hubs goes back to work on the 3rd! *whew* its going to be a very long trip, but I am praying its refreshing enough to get me through my next term of school before we head down to texas *tentatively* for spring break!

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  1. Wow youre going to be one busy lady. On a positive note maybe it will help take your mind off ttc for a bit. The holidays seem to help me with that anyway.


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