Monday, December 27, 2010

As the new year approaches

I am trying so hard to end this year right. With positivity and no tears.

I am amazed that so far I haven't broken down into tears thus far(unless you count the time a few minutes ago after reading the status "the baby is on its way!" on facebook). Its been kind of hard to remain positive when my heart still feels so broken.

To ensure not to have much time for wallowing. I have poured myself into helping the inl-aws around the house, playing games, and reading.

If your related to hubs, now would be the time to stop reading..that means you grandma Ford, yes I found out you read my blog!!! :)

The book that I have read is called "Intimacy Ignited" and it was flipping amazing. I highly suggest it for anyone who is married! Its on the book Song of Solomon in the bible and it really helped reignite my burn and passion for our love life.

After the rough month we had I will be the first to admit that our love life definitely suffered. My drive was gone. I had no desire and honestly I've never felt that. I wont lie, my drive is like a teenage boy! Its crazy, so not having any was honestly freaking me out. But after reading that book, I am happy to report we are back to where we were if not farther and we are both LOVING IT!

Im thinking of going back through the book and blogging about it on a specific day of the week. Maybe Wednesdays? Im not sure yet haha, but its so good I just have to share!! :)


  1. It's great to approach a new year with a decision to be positive. In fact, I am reading about just that in my new issue of Psychologies Magazine, which I would highly recommend. It asks the question "Does thinking it, make it so?" which really brings up a few things to think about. Still, tears are a part of life, and I always find crying a good release. You don't have to be brave and positive all the time.

    I'm sorry that you have had a tough year. It may help to do a review of it, and figure out what you have learned from it and how that affects how you will move forward to get what you want in the new year. I wish you the best for 2011.

    Lisa (ICLW 74 - Your Great Life)

  2. I hope you can stay positive! I like the book blogging idea! Hmm, I'm gonna have to read that one you're talking about ;)

  3. LisaB definitely read it! Its amazing!!! I put it in the shelf on the right so that people would know exactly which book I was referring to! I also started reading supernatural childbirth. I DEFINITELY suggest that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So glad you found something to help! And that you thought to add a disclaimer for his family! :)

  5. Hehe, I may of gotten the idea from a brilliant blogger I recently have stumbled upon. :)
    After thinking it was brilliant, I found out his fam DOES read it. LOL...


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