Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An article that my husband left for me

Ok so I just need to brag for a moment before I get into the nitty-gritty of this post. He is absolutely the BEST supportive husband a gal could ask for! This morning when I woke up, he said he had found two really good articles on infertility: IVF vs I dont know about you, but when my husband is so interested it just makes me feel somewhat validated in my thoughts and maybe even obsessions. For him to willy nilly leave me articles to read, I just really appreciate that.

Ok bragging over :)

So the first article I read was written two days ago on the choice of IVF vs Adoption and it went on to say pretty much that its better for everyone if you just adopt. One thing that struck a chord with me was that she focused on how its our responsibility to save the planet and just everything she said, made sense in a way....but at the same time, it didnt. She is obviously one of those people who believe in the phrase "why dont you just adopt". Now before I go on a tangent about how mad this article made me, I had to ask my husband "Are you saying we should adopt?" The main reason is because in his job, he is very environmental conscious and I wasnt sure if this lady had convinced him that adoption would be better for us. I hadnt read the next article that was written in response to it.

The next article was written by Julie Robichaux of A Little Pregnant. Why 'just adopt' is not the answer. Honestly, I LOVED her response. She went on to point out that if its such a planet saving move to just adopt, then fertiles have just as much responsibility as infertiles to take that on. Just because we cant have kids, doesnt mean that we are automatically volunteered to adopt. Now before I go any further, I used to never be open to adoption and that is slowly changing. If push came to shove, I do believe we will adopt. I also believe as being adopted myself that I would love to have every chance in the world to have biological kids.

I cant figure out how to add links, so if anyone knows how please let me know! :) Id love to share the articles with you directly!


  1. You have a great man there Ashley :) Just wanted to let you know that you have every right to want your own biological child.. people who can't have kids deserve to have their own children just as much as people who can have them (if that makes sense). Adoption is a hard thing to swallow for someone who wants nothing more to have a child of their own but I believe that whatever comes your way, whether it is a child of your own or an adopted child you will be an awesome mother :) You have so much love to give and I can't wait to see you become a mother.

  2. I read both the articles. Did you read the comments on the one from the lady with two biological children? The majority of them completely disagreed and made great points. And I loved the rebuttal and the point made about how it shouldn't just be infertile people's responsibility, but ANYONE deciding to have a child.

    Adoption is something we looked into, and something we still hope to do one day (I'd like to take in some harder to place children). But that process is HARD and it's not nearly as simple as "just" adopting. It drives me crazy when people say that, or when they have the nerve to get "upset" that someone has adopted internationally as opposed to domestically.

    Anyway, rant over. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading the articles--thanks for bringing them to my attention!


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