Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well my tests are getting lighter.

So thats a good sign! I just need them go negative soon so that I wont question the lines. :)
I feel like Im losing my mind with all the hormones that have been injected into me this past week. On top of all the horrible thingsthat have happened this week, Im just plain old stressed. I decided that I really really hate school. It doesnt feel worth it. Im gonna keep pushing, and just see what happens. This midterm is really kicking my butt. Its been like a three day process and its not even halfway over. I am just ready to explode LOL. Im planning on doing something that makes me happy this weekend. Im going to go ice skating, come home and bake, decorate for Christmas, and just have a good time with my husband. I need to just relax and have a good time and reconnect with the hubs and thats what I plan on doing!

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