Monday, November 8, 2010

I needed some good news.

Im still pretty upset from earlier, but I just wanted to stop by real quick and let everyone know that I did ovulate. But I have a 30mm cyst, so Im on a progesterone shot series. I got one today, and I am going to get three more, one each on Wed, Fri, and next Mon. Even though I hate these shots, and my butt will be SO SORE, I am grateful because I KNOW that it will help me stay pregnant and my period will definitely stay away as long as it should. It will probably even be late, but you know what...thats better than an 8 day luteal phase. If I havent gotten af or if I have gotten a bfp by 16dpo I can go in for a beta. Its two days before we leave for Thanksgiving break. Talk about down to the wire. Anyways, so thats the plan...please pray for me...I dont know how much more bad news I can take.

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