Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!...and other ramblings lol

Hey readers :)
I just wanted to stop by and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope everyone got their tummys full of turkey and all the fixings!!

We are spending Thanksgiving in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Hubs' aunt has a few condos and a townhouse up here, so we are just enjoying the mountains, and Im really trying to just relax and not let pms get the best of me. :)
I think Im allergic to something up here though because I have been feeling just so sick! I ended up taking a 3 hour nap before Thanksgiving dinner because I felt so yucky! It was no fun to wake up before supper and still feel sick to my stomach, no fun at all!

Today my mom is coming to see me and we are going to spend the day on the town while hubs and bro go skiing/boarding.
Im pretty excited as I havent seen her since May and since she knows about everything thats going on Im really looking forward to feeling like someone cares as not alot of people in real life inquire to see how we are doing.

I am sad I missed out on black friday shopping, but oh well! I have about 95% of my Christmas shopping done already haha!
I think Im going to start advertising myself as a wedding planner in my area, I have experience and even a degree to match! I need to make extra income to pay off all our debt from this year and I think this may be the best way to do so!

My birthday is in one week, I will be 23. I always thought Id have a kid by the time I was 23, but I know that Gods plans are higher than ours. I have to go to my doc at least one more time for an ultrasound and cycle review and to talk about all the options before we officially decide to "quit". He wants to make sure my cyst shrunk and I dont need surgery to remove it. Im interested to hear what he has to say about my ultrasound series and all that. He seemed convinced that it would show him alot more as to what is wrong with me. We'll see.

_____________________________TMI below....if your interested in reading about af, or the lack there of...keep reading lol

Well today is day 5 of spotting. Im having really bad mood swings and I am HORRIBLY bloated. I swear part of me wonders what the heck is going on. I DONT spot before af, ever. I feel like Im going crazy because I keep remembering my dream about finding out I was pregnant when I was about 5.5 weeks along by ultrasound and next week I have to get an ultrasound. With this weird af, idk its just all SO ODD. If it werent for the negative blood test on Monday, I would seriously almost believe I was pregnant still. But that blood test reminds me that I am not, and its just a whacky period. Hubs said weirder things have happened...but I dont think so. lol (I know I sound completely crazy for even mentioning all of this...but if you were in my shoes I bet you would too)
My spotting started out black and is red now, but its STILL SO LIGHT! What the heck is going on?!

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