Thursday, November 4, 2010

Follie check #4!

Im feeling somewhat emotional today, its probably all the stress of school, trying to find a new job, and fighting these thoughts from Satan that Im a failure, oh and the fact that I have been injected with the pregnancy hormone: HCG.
One thing the pastor from last night said was that WE are not failures, the situations are. (That was before he met with us afterward) I just have to keep that in mind. That is the biggest thing I seem to struggle with is feeling like a complete failure. Satan definitely likes to torture me with those thoughts. This morning I was so emotional and then I ended up getting a speeding ticket which made me so upset I couldnt drive and hubs ended up taking me home and I skipped class for the first time this term. We went grocery shopping and I bought a bunch of things that were low in calories that I could eat for lunches. I have been able to stay under 1500 calories a day! I havent been able to get to the gym once this week because somehow we got on a bd schedule of the mornings, so that takes the time out that we were working out in. But next week I will start back up! I did lunges two days ago and oh my word, my legs are still killing me. It will be worth it though! I just have to keep on trucking. I am getting SO EXCITED for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have some Christmas presents bought already, but Im not even a quarter way in. Im trying to make sure that we give good gifts, but in our budget(which this year is TINY). If anyone has any tips/ideas for inexpensive presents let me know!! My birthday is in 29 days, haha...Im still young enough where I still look forward to it! Ill be 23 years old! Im really praying Ill be pregnant for my 23rd birthday! I always thought I would by then...

Follie update :)
Ok so yesterdays reading (we read off the screen lol) was wrong. I had one at 19mm and the other was they are 21mm and 16mm. Got my second dose of HCG today. I go back tomorrow for yet another ultrasound. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have ovulated and no more will be needed! Here was my test from this morning, definitely positive. I told hubs I was pregnant..he laughed...I hope here in 2 weeks or so Ill be able to tell him for real!!! Here was this mornings test. I decided to go ahead and test out the trigger!

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