Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Follie Check #3!!

Well my ultrasound went well, she still couldnt see my left ovary well enough...but she doesnt think from what she can see that the follies on that one are we focused more on the right. I had two follies that were ready to go, one at 18mm and the other at 19mm!!!!!! We triggered at 4pm. I go back in tomorrow at 4 to see if I ovulate between now and then, and if not they are going to give me another hcg injection tomorrow. Im beyond excited!! Tonight we had a guest pastor speaking to the youth group from Derry, Ireland. He was awesome! He mentioned during the service that they had quads! Thats right!! FOUR BABIES! They are five now, but still LOL afterwards me and hubs went up to him to talk more and he prayed with us. I told him I wanted to visit Ireland so if I wasnt pregnant next summer I totally was going to come on the missions trip there this upcoming summer. He responded "well I for one hope your not coming because I hope your pregnant by then!" lol made my night :) anyways, will update you guys tomorrow after that ultrasound! :)

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