Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a wonderful weekend

Well today is cd 16, I got a positive ovulation test Friday night!! It was beautiful and I will admit I cried. I just pray I get a temp spike in the morning or Ill worry that it was a false positive opk.

I had an awesome time at the baby shower yesterday, I will even admit that I didnt even cry. Not once, not even after I left. Im pretty proud. She had a blast, and it was awesome. :) Im so happy that I got to do that for her! I feel like God has really been stretching me and my character and love for others. I still have moments where I would love to drop kick some people, but they are slowly improving where I just want to pinch them. Yay for caring for people other than yourself. Here are some pics from the party :)

All set up and ready to PARTTAAYY

Its A Girl! :)

Me and my awesome co-hostess Erica

Me helping the mommy to be write down her gifts!

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