Friday, October 1, 2010

Today we learned alll about cervical mucus

LOL, so today we had our first meeting with our Creighton model instructor to go over how they chart. We went over the different stickers, meanings, and how to mark everything down. We also saw pictures. LOL, now Im not one to call my husband into the bathroom to show off my this was all new to him! I kinda felt bad for him, but he was tough and totally handled it well! :) (He probably wont admit it, but I think he was interested in it! haha)
While we were there the lady told us about an OB/GYN in our town that we could consider going to if things didnt work out at the specialist. We went out on a date tonight and talked about it and I need to find an OB/GYN here in town anyways, and this doctor would deliver at the hospital that I have already picked out. So I think we are going to try and get in to see him. At the very least to see if I like him enough to let him deliver our baby, but we will also be asking him about treatments and see what his course of treatment would be with our situation. He was trained by Dr Hilgers which is the doctor that my doctor is under. Dr Hilgers is one of the best in the nation if not the world. Knowing that this other doctor used to work at the institute almost instantly puts me at ease with how he would do things. But then again I havent met him yet...and if he is in our insurance network it would be worth it to switch. Now, with all that being said I want to give the T3 treatment Im on a fair chance, but with how my doc almost refuses to go up in the clomid or do injections or switch to femara...all because she wants to avoid multiple births makes me well feeling somewhat frustrated. You cant get pregnant if you dont ovulate and you dont ovulate "well". So anyways, now this is another option we are looking into. And if we decide to switch to this doctor I will probably be scheduling a lap in January before school starts back up. So yeah, kinda exciting to have more options, but first we have to meet him and find out where he stands on everything and what he would do.

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