Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pickles for breakfast?!

Haha, yep you read that right. I had pickles for breakfast, and lunch actually. They were delicious. I havent had a pickle in months. I know this may seem really random, but to me its not. Even though I know its way too soon to be looking into pregnancy symptoms..I just cant help it. Haha, ok but realistically Im not saying this is one... But it sure is fun to think about. I am just going to continue to hope and dream!

So update on my new doctors appointment yesterday!
I LOVE HIM! haha, he is so nice! I have an ultrasound tomorrow to check to make sure my lining is good enough to sustain a pregnancy and then if it comes out good Ill get my estrodial and progesterone blood tests done and if it doesnt then Ill have to repeat it on Monday and get those blood tests done then and the best part is that if I need it he is gonna put me on progesterone support!! Im just thinking if I get pregnant Ill actually have a fighting chance at carrying full term this time!! Im so glad this doctor is listening to my concerns and is actually taking the steps to get and keep me pregnant!

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