Friday, October 8, 2010

I must be getting close!!!

So todays ovulation tests arent positive but they are SO CLOSE. Im having a horrible day, nothing seems to be wanting to work out the way that I planned it to. I have a baby shower tomorrow and when I was decorating the cake broke. And then I tried cupcakes, and they just dont look right. Thank God I was able to order a back up cake. I am working on finishing up the baby quilt that I started like 3 months ago...I have to get it done tonight, but yet I keep seeing all the imperfections and it makes me frustrated. I am too much of a perfectionist sometimes I think. Anyways, Im cd 14 with an ALMOST ++ opk, so we shall see what tomorrow holds!


  1. I'm really hoping this early OPK is something truely positive for you. I SO hope that the meds you're on are really starting to work. You and you DH deserve to be parents.

    I love the new Blog layout btw :) and that picture of you two, it's to die for. I absolutly love it. I look at it and see love :)

    Crystal (Fawkes)

  2. Thanks :) That pic is one of our engagement photos I LOVE IT! I cant believe I got a positive OPK this soon in my cycle! haha but then again I did take clomid cd 3-7 rather than 5-9 LOL

  3. Yay! Hope you got some good Bd'ing this weekend ;)


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