Thursday, October 28, 2010

Follie Check

Well today was my first follie check in the series my doc is doing. I had 3 tiny ones on my right ovary, and 2 larger ones on my left. I ovulated from my right last time, so it makes sense the more mature ones would be on my left I think. The two larger ones are 13mm & 15mm and they want to see them be over 20mm before they are released. She said on average they will grow 1-2mm a day so they both should be ready on Monday! Then once they are ready, we are going to do a trigger and I should ovulate around 36hrs later! I really didnt expect them to say that I had follies that are possibly so close to being ready. So yeah thats all I have to say right now. Maybe with the two mature follies we will get twins!!! haha that would be amazing


  1. I hope everything is OK!! It's been awhile since an update. You might just be busy but I still worry! I hope everything is OK. :

  2. Hey :) Thanks for thinking of me! It was a busy busy five or six days!! I posted an update!!


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