Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I have a facebook as does probably every single person I know. And I even post links to my blog on there, as everyone knows what we are going through. But can I just tell you, the "mommy" week on downright stings. Seeing it on every freaking status on my wall...bleh!! It seriously has made me avoid facebook for a few days. I literally hide those statuses as soon as they pop up. Not because of anything my friends are doing...but being on the"other side" I dont know, it just feels like salt being rubbed into the wound. I almost said something on facebook about it. But then I realized I didnt wanna be misconstrued as "mean". So I am just going to write about it here...and if your a mommy and you get offended by this. Well Im sorry...but I wont apologize for how seeing all the "mommy" status updates makes me feel. Sometimes I have thought about getting rid of facebook, but then I realize I couldnt because of how many people I have that I talk to on there. I really wish facebook would come up with something that I could put a forbidden words list and statuses that had those words in the content would disappear from my feed.
I think I would put: Im pregnant, We're expecting, baby, pregnancy...well you get the picture. But then again it would probably make statuses disappear like "We're expecting our house to sell tomorrow!" or "Baby, I love you!" Ha, I definitely just made myself "laugh out loud". Anyways, this is my rant about facebook and the torture it brings to those of us who feel like we're on the outside "looking in"


  1. Ashley, I hear you. I was on Facebook for about a year and I found a good excuse (someone hacked into my account) to close my account. At the time it wasn't the pregnancy announcements that bothered me as we had just started trying, but I know it WOULD bother me now. What bothered me about Facebook was that it seemed like a brag-fest. Everyone was just bragging, kind of a "look what I have and how great my life is" type of thing (or the opposite, "woe is me, my life sucks" type of thing). Think about that as you read the status updates, it might make you feel ill. I want my #1 focus to by the Lord, not on material things and an "I'm better than you, my life is so great" attitude. Facebook isn't all it's cracked up to be, in my humble opinion.

  2. I hide all of the pregnancy statuses too! Luckily there haven't been many on mine for awhile unless it's someone from TWW and then I'm ecstatic for them! It just seems like when someone (at least all the people I know) finds out they're pregnant they feel a sense of entitlement and have to brag about it. That's what really gets under my skin. I can handle a monthly baby post or when they have an important doctor appointment, but anything more than that is crazy! Hopefully it'll all subside soon and you'll be the one with baby updates! :)

  3. we will make our own "mommy" week when it is our turn, i promise!!!

  4. I know what you mean. I'm on facebook and during that week, it killed me. I also have had to delete people because they were very in your face about their pregnancy and had the nerve to sit and tell me its my fault I'm not pregnant and that once we stop trying, it will happen. Been there, tried that approach. Hasn't worked. Hang in there. It will be our turns when the time is right.


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