Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whew I need a breather

Well today I had a short mini panic attack about school. LOL. There was a misunderstanding with my financial aid, but I went and spoke to the dean and he took care of it. Im so ready to be done with this school and transfer to the University in the spring. I went and worked out this morning, and Im super proud of myself haha! Its day two of going to the gym, I am determined to keep pushing myself til I get to the weight I need to be at. My goal is to get as much weight off by thanksgiving as I can!! We are planning on going to the mountains with the inlaws for skiing, should be super fun!! I havent been on my snowboard in about 2 years! Hopefully I dont end up breaking something hahahaha
Update on Clomid: This time around Im having hardly any hot flashes, the only side effect that I can really recognize as one this time around is the vivid dreams. I keep dreaming Im in shows that I watch the night before. Its ridiculous and a bit weird haha! Im just praying that I ovulate this time around. I will start using opks on Monday, so fingers crossed Ill get a surge sometime next week!
We were going to lead a connect group at our church for infertility, but only one other couple signed up. Im kinda disappointed but I realize this can be a really hard group to sign up for. I invited the other couple (well the wife) to go to coffee. Hopefully she will take me up on it haha, it would be nice to talk to someone in real life rather than just online. I cant believe tomorrow is October 1st!! Crazy how fast this year has passed us by! Today Im going to be working a baby quilt Im making for a friend who is due around thanksgiving. Im hoping it will turn out great..
Anyways, tomorrow is Friday!! Woohoo its almost the weekend! Hope everyone is having an awesome week!

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  1. I'm still here hun, if you need a real life friend.
    I've been down this road, I know how you feel.
    We need to reschedule a coffee date, because I really want you to meet Abby and to hang out. I haven't really hung out with alot of people lately. Ha. I'm kinda a hermit like that I guess. :)


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