Thursday, September 9, 2010

Forgot my password!!

So sorry if some of you have been wondering about an update, I was locked out of my account and I couldnt remember my password and it wouldnt take my new password..but yay I got it all figured out! haha!

So Im cd 35 today and no sign of af, or ovulation :( I am going to the doctor at 11am, to meet the new doc that the office switched me too. I really pray I like her!! :) She sounds wonderful, so we shall see. Im incredibly frustrated, but I know that there is a REASON clomid isn't working. I talked to hubs about it and we are ready to pursue more intense treatment....never thought Id pray for the doc to be willing to give me injections :) Honestly Im going to ask about the femara some other ladies take and about injections. I might also ask about the possibility for me to referred to another doc for a lap so that I can get it done(someone who is in my insurance network) Ill see what happens with that. No idea what to expect tomorrow!! Please pray for me as I am incredibly nervous she will just want to continue with clomid and in all honesty I don't want to. Im so over it. Three cycles and all three haven't worked, so Im done. I have more to type but am on my way out the door, Ill do another post soon I promise :)


  1. good luck on dr appt! hope you get to change treatment. i think i know which dr you're talking about, and i really liked her too. she did my exam before my lap, so hopefully it will be a good change for you.

  2. Me too! And thanks :) She is the newest doc! Doc G(thats the first letter of her name) haha! Im going to ask about the lap again, find out if there is anyway around the 10,000 cost to us for it

  3. I am glad to see another post! I was starting to worry about you :) I am happy to see that you are trucking along. I hope that your new doctor appoint goes well and you get the help you need :)


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