Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall decor, finals week, & af

Well first off Ill go in order of my title in the content of this post.
Fall decor! I just finished putting up our tiny supply of fall decor and my house just feel so warm I LOVE it! Its really cool out, I think right now its like 58 degrees!
Finals week is this week. I have lots of studying to do, cant wait for next weekend to be here because this week is just not gonna be fun! I have to do a skit, an interview and final for my spanish class. I will be done Thursday at 11 though! Im looking forward to it! Another stinky part of this week is hubs has to go to a conference 3 hours away from Wed night to Fri night. I hate being home alone at night. But I have no choice :( I guess he is taking the "run for your life" expression literally because with af being due Friday....the two days prior Im expecting to have extreme pms. I did last month and oh wow, yeah probably a good thing he wont be here! Hope everyones weekend is going great!!

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