Friday, September 10, 2010

Doc appointment update! :)

Welp, today I met my new doc. She was WONDERFUL! I REALLY liked her! I asked her about my blood test results(the ones that my doc said: testosterone/progesterone/estrogen were all low back in july) and she said that ACTUALLY my progesterone was only a tiny bit low, but nothing to worry about. My testosterone was normal except the kind that that is produced by my adrenal gland(?) and that one was slightly elevated. The only one that was to be concerned about was my estrogen because it should have been way higher. She said she suspects that my pituitary gland just isnt "communicating" to my ovaries like it should. One thing that caught me off guard is they said my blood pressure was a little high and asked if I was nervous. I was like ummm, yes I am. I didnt know what else to say. I have never had a doc say that before I normally have "beautiful" blood pressure. I have no idea. But anyways, she said I definitely have Wilsons syndrome and I will be starting T3 next thursday(it would have been tomorrow if the office had told me I had to go to a specific pharmacy in Omaha!!! GRR) I have to back on Wednesday to get a progesterone/pregnancy test because as of this morning my chart indicates I ovulated!!! Im officially 3dpo!! :) I was shocked when I saw my temp and even more shocked when I saw the crosshairs on my FF chart. I signed up yesterday to chart the Creighton model...should be interesting!! Ps, I added my chart to the left by my archive!! So yeah, as far as the "plan" goes, Ill go in on Wednesday and get the blood draw, and then if both show - Ill get a progesterone shot in my rear end again(ugh) and then do another round of 50mg of clomid, she wants me to continue with the metformin, the T3, and all my vitamins. She said she doesnt want to up the clomid because she doesnt want to interfere with my mucus, she wants to "work WITH my body, not force it to do something"(She said that when I asked about a trigger shot). It was encouraging for her to hear that apparently once you start the T3 the pregnancy rates increase significantly!! I will be taking the T3 every 12hrs on the dot and that should last for about 2 months...then my thyroid condition SHOULD be fixed. Im not gonna lie, whenever I get a chance at pregnancy I think of all the milestones, and right now if I get pregnant(gosh I LOVE SAYING THAT) in our year of trying this is only our third chance!!!! Anyways if I get pregnant Ill be in my second trimester by thanksgiving and POSSIBLY know by christmas the gender...EEKK!!! so exciting...haha ok I gotta calm down! Ill keep you guys posted on any symptoms or anything!! Have a great weekend!


  1. Whoohaa! Yay for good doctors, sounds like she is pretty good i always love it when they try a more "natural" approach Lord knows that most of those RE's want to jump you to IUI/IVF straight away! Good luck hun hope this is a good month. This Cycle was our first IUI and i am officially in the TWW as well today i am 1dpiui :P

  2. Woohoo!! Good luck!!! Keep me posted!! I really hope this is a good month too :)


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