Thursday, August 19, 2010

whew what a week...

Sooo, this week has been just wow! Its been CRAZY!!! First the mold situation(which still hasnt been fixed), then I had my spanish midterm this morning, so Ive spent all week studying for that, and on Tuesday afternoon I noticed this lump and it was black just under the skin behind my knee and boy it hurt like non other. I kinda freaked out that it was a blood clot, so yesterday morning I went to the doc and he suspected it either being a blood clot or a cyst, so yesterday afternoon we had a doppler done of my leg and the tech said his guess was that it is a cyst. He cant tell as much as he would like so he sent my images to a vascular surgeon. They might want to do a biopsy to see what it is(OUCH!!!!) Later today I have a dentist appointment(ugh) and the inlaws are getting to I said its been a crazy stressful week. Still peeing on O sticks, its getting darker, but no positive..Im cd 14 today. I expect it to be positive maybe tomorrow...we'll see. Either way we have made sure we are covered!! I had a dream I got my bfp two nights ago so we shall see!!!
Im trying super hard not to stress(despite all that has happened this week). I hope everyone is doing awesome!!!!

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