Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week from Hell...literally

Ever have one of those weeks where every time you turn around something ELSE goes wrong...and you just KNOW that its Satan's attack on you. I have been in a constant state of warfare all week. Ever since my appointment last week I have had one thing after another go wrong. One of my close friends came and stayed with me last weekend, it was an awesome visit...she is almost 6 months pregnant and even though I so loved having her here..and it was a blast seeing was so hard to go look at all the baby stuff and know that she was looking "for real" and I was just dreaming....then I have been having nausea and all the intestinal issues all week from the metformin I started last Friday. Im giong to school and our spanish course is super accelerated and I literally feel like Im drowning, thankfully I was able to talk my friend into tutoring me. She has taught spanish for the past couple years at another university in town. She has a newborn son, I just LOVE that little boy. Him and his brother are pretty much amazing. I rocked him to sleep, and my friend made a comment that I was so good at that and I just started to bawl. I love her boys so much. I love babies. I just want one of my own so much. Her boys are definitely a blessing to me as I just need to have time with babies til I get one of my own...honestly hers(as of now other than my nephew) are the only babies I feel this way about. I have been on the verge of tears all week...I just know that it will be another month or longer if this cyst doesnt go away. I am really hoping it goes has been hurting since last night so Im assuming it is getting ready to burst...thankfully its the beginning of my weekend so I dont have to skip any classes. It hurts so I pray that its going to burst soon....I had a spanish exam this morning, and I just know I bombed it....I feel like Im drowning in this. So my stress levels are through the roof. I scheduled a massage for tomorrow and as long as cyst waits to burst til Saturday lol I should be able to go. OH and then some girl decided to write a super nasty message to me on facebook...COMPLETELY uncalled for...It has some nasty language so if curse words bother you.....then dont read the following(I did mark out some of the letters)

all because my status said : Downside to this med, constant nausea..upside to this med, getting ready for morning sickness.
Then she commented:
"Nausea and morning sickness are 2 diff things. I was nauseated with my son, but had horrible morning sickness with this one. I would rather have been nauseated than getting sick everday, cause id always get sick after i eat. Its even worse when u get sick while out to eat and others are in the restroom... i hate that the most. Im almost 30 weeks pregnant and i still get sick, not as often but i still do"

So I responded that I DID know, and to me driving down the road in bad traffic with no where to pull off puking in a bag while still driving was worse and I would rather puke in a restroom LOL....

I was totally trying to keep things light and she totally flipped out...needless to say I blocked her on facebook, reported her, and I ended up having to block her number on my phone because she kept harassing me through was quite the day. NOT what I needed or even could handle.

So with allll of this, this week has SUCKED...I have just been so down and had too many things happen that just sucks...I NEED SOME POSITIVE THINGS TO HAPPEN!!!


  1. Aww hun.. sending positive vibes over to you, you def need something to lift you up. And i totally know how you feel about being attacked i've had that on several occasions where i was like seriosuly whats up why is life so carp.

    And about that girl seems like total B***H i'm glad you blocked her you dont need that type of stress in your life after everything you've been through and are still going through ELIMINATE as best you can. The true friends will be sympathetic and know why your feeling the way you are.
    Praying for you!

    P.S. totaly love loving on friends kids gives me my temporary baby fix, its hard at times cause you know you desperatly want it to be your own but does seem to make me temporaily happy.

    P.P.S. I started metformin yesterday and all i can say is blaahhh!

  2. Oh boy! Yeah, metformin....haha..its so umm yeah!!! No!
    The first day I had the diarrhea off and on all day...then all I have had is nausea since until 450ish this morning LOL...yeah, but if it gets me my baby(ies) will be so gosh darn worth it!

  3. PS Pepto has REALLY helped me!!!

  4. Are you on the regular Metformin or the ER? Because I did the regular for 5 months and had way to many issues. I asked the doctor for ER and I only have occasional problems now. It's fantastic. I only take it once a day as well instead of twice a day. It's pretty awesome.
    The regular is just as cheap as the ER. So it's worth it to try both to see which one is better for you!

    As for the person that did that to you on Facebook: I was confused by her know-it-all message because Nausea is a symptom of morning sickness. If you feel like you are going to puke but you don't...that still morning sickness.

    You sometimes get those people that feel as if they have to correct everyone or school everyone. Just because you experience something once or twice doesn't mean you are an expert and can school people on it. People like that are lacking in their lives and they have to make sure they come off as uber awesome and they feel better about themselves.

    Like my mom said: People that are full of anger are the ones that are not happy with their lives or selfs. Like my MIL says: Anger is just you wanting to get your way.
    So blowing up like that is a sign that not all is well with that person in general. Or if they constantly have to school people or be negative all the time. That is a reflection of themselves.

    I am glad you blocked them. I hope Metformin works for you. It hasn't worked for me so far and it also caused me to have a severe B12 deficiency. Got so bad that I have to have B12 shots now and it has to be monitored every other month. Metformin can block the absorption of B12.

    Are you doing anything about your low thyroid? I found out 2 months ago that I have full blown Hypothyroidism. I started getting pretty dang sick before hand. It can ruin your life if it gets to full blown. But I take the synthetic thyroid now. It works wonders. I lost 9 pounds in a month without really trying. The only way I could lose weight with Met was by eating low GI.

    I could go on and on and on about all of this. This has been my life for the past year. Not so much fun.

  5. Jennifer, thanks for commenting! I believe Im on the regular....but I cant be sure lol...I hurt my hip today lol so I dont wanna get up to go look. Im 99% sure its the regular though! I didnt know about the B12..thats good to know!! They want me to do some more monitoring because all of my thyroid levels were normal except for my reverse T3. They suspect wilsons syndrome and want me to do BBT four times a day to monitor the average temp. They also want me to take my pulse and monitor that as it will be at least another month before we know if I for sure have Wilsons Syndrome.

  6. I had been having all of the signs of Hypothyroidism and didn't know it was that for 4 months. Needless to say I thought I was going crazy. I started having really bad symptoms that are not always normal symptoms of it in the start of June. That prompted me to go to the doctor. My T4 and T3 levels were both very very low and my TSH was extremely high. Which is full blown Hypothyroidism. The numbers with all the symptoms I had...most likely it's going to be synthetic thyroid pills for the rest of my life. But I came to terms with that considering how sick I was for the 4 months leading up to finding out. If I never have to go through's worth it. lol.

    As for the B12. Just watch for any sort of symptoms. If it occurs it's most likely going to be a ways out in treatment. It takes quite awhile to become full blown deficient. It takes awhile for your stores in the liver to become depleted. If you eat a higher animal protein diet that helps with the B12 since that is the only natural source you can get it from. You can take B12 supplements now as precaution. It wouldn't hurt anything. It can actually make you feel pretty decent. If you develop a severe B12 deficiency they sometimes recommend the shots because it's faster and easier for your body to absorb..which is great when you need it as fast as possible. I got so bad that we could wait for pills to restore the levels.

    However, through research I also found that it can take a year or more for B12 to be depleted. This can happen if you don't eat a diet with sufficient animal proteins. Vegans and vegetarians have problems with this. Which I believe that this was a long time coming for me since I hardly eat meat or other animal products. I just don't like many of them. I don't really like meat all that much or milk or lots of other things that contain B12. So I am sure the Metformin just put me over the edge.

    I really wish I was normal and didn't have to deal with any of this! I have Bitter Parties often. lol.

  7. All that is good to know. I really need to resume taking my prenatals and vitamins. I understand the wish to be normal..I have so many things wrong with me I constantly struggle with pity parties....


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