Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Singing with the angels

Today is a day that I thought was going to be uneventful. I mean things don't happen on Tuesdays, I go to school, come home, do homework and call it good....When I woke up I never imagined I'd be getting the email I got. I rolled over and saw my phones light flashing, meaning I had a new text or email. Thinking it was a text from my friend Stacy, or possibly Melissa. I leaned over and grabbed it. Wrong. I saw my email icon and so I debated on whether or not to check it then or when I "really" woke up. I decided I wanted to know what I had received, so I opened it. I had a few emails, but the one I saw and checked first was the one from Caring Bridge, for my dear friend Savana. Her family has been keeping every one updated through that site since her accident in February. Savana was an amazing woman of God, she seriously blew me away with her thoughts and her prayers. I loved her. Her and her(then boyfriend, now fiance) Thomas is who introduced me to my husband. They meant alot to me. When me and Miles started dating, he always called me "his Savana", the week before we met he prayed to God that He would send someone to him like God has sent to Thomas....his own "Savana" We both saw the love that they had for each other, the love that Thomas had for Savana, wow. I can not say I have seen someone so in love with someone else(other than my husband of course). He loved her more than life itself. I will never forget her. God has healed her, she is singing with the angels and is with her Heavenly Father. I heard a song on the way to school this morning: I can only Imagine by Mercy Me. Im not going to lie to you, I started to bawl driving down the road. I know Savana is finally able to walk, talk, sing again. She was an incredible singer. She loved to worship her God. My God. Here is a video of her singing at a event for teen girls that was hosted by our youth group last year I believe, she loved the youth, and in my opinion she was an INCREDIBLE example to our girls of how to be an amazing woman of God.

Rest in Peace Savana Riley, we love you and you will not be forgotten. You have touched so many for Christ.
“What makes me ME: I am motivated to do the things I do by my creator, my father, and my savior~Jesus Christ. Knowing him allows me to be who I am today.”
~Savana Riley

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