Sunday, August 15, 2010

My "lots to say" post haha

So first off Id like to say thanks to SamBev for sharing with me another ladies blog, more specifically the entry about clomid induced rage. Thank you so much, it was freaking awesome. I was laughing so hard that I couldnt breath and was crying hysterically...because I 100% saw myself in her description. The way she said she felt, thats to the tee how I felt this week. (For those who dont know what Im refering to, its in the comments section of the post HOLY CRAP SIDE EFFECTS. Thankfully, I havent had any more clomid induced rage.

We have been furniture shopping all weekend and have found some AWESOME deals, we got a new dining room set and ordered a new living room set, and for both sets we paid a total of $1450. The kitchen table was originally a $1000 and we got it for $318 with tax!!! AMAZING!! Such a blessing from God. I have been wanting a nice kitchen table for about 2 years, but have been waiting because we couldn't find one that we could afford that I loved. This one however, a clearance special was just perfect!! Ill post pics when everything is set up. We have to wait to get the living room set for a few weeks (insert sad face) but they are awesome chocolate brown microsuede reclining couch, love seat, and a rocking recliner!! I CANT WAIT!!!

Friday night we ran into a little(well big) mishap. I was debating on moving our main living room to the downstairs living room of our house. I went down to put up paint chips, and stepped on soggy carpet. Yep, soggy. Back up one week and if you were in our house you would be noticing a subtle but loud gurgling noise. (yes, its possible to be loud AND subtle with the right circumstances..) All week I had been hearing it, and waking up everyday not feeling well. I told hubs to check it out, because it couldnt be good. He looked around at the dishwasher, the toilets, the sinks..but he couldnt find it. Everyday we had the same conversation "Do you hear that?" I would ask, "yes, but I cant find it" he responded. "That cant be good, why dont you try again?" I prompted, "fine" he would say with an annoyed tone. For seven days that went on. Each day I was waking up more sick than the last. Until Friday, I thought maybe I was catching a cold or something. But Friday I got really sick, so much so that I almost passed out at the wheel. It was scary. I felt weak, and I would come home between errands and get some more water thinking I was just heat exhausted(the heat index was around 115 all week!!) but every time I left I would feel worse then when I arrived. It was not fun at all. Now, fast forward to soggy carpet. I called hubs downstairs and he was in as much shock as I was. He found the source(the a/c unit was somehow retaining water and not draining and in turn seeped out and now a good 10x10ft area was soaking wet. In further investigation hubs found out the closet was also soaked, when he opened it there was a strong mold smell. That explains it all, the mold was making me really sick. (for those of you who dont know me personally, Im deathly allergic to mold...Ive lost consciousness before from exposure.) So we were up til 2 fixing things, well he was fixing it while I was upstairs trying to breath and not dye haha. His dad owns the house, so we arent sure if they are going to replace the carpet(I think they should as the closet has already molded) or what. They will be here on Friday so we will probably figure it out in the upcoming weekend....Overall its been a pretty interesting yet awesome weekend.

I have my spanish midterm on Thursday, so going to spend today studying for that and getting more things cleaned before the in-laws get here! My brother in law is going to be moving to where we are as he has graduated high school and is now a college freshman!! OH BOY haha, freshman year...good times right?! He will be living in the dorms with our cousin(my cousin in law) and so Im sure they will be over at our house all the time for meals (rolls eyes) haha....thats ok, it will be nice to have family here. Me and the hubs are actually really excited about it.

The weather as mentioned in my story above has been INSANELY hot, like a heat index of 115 every day. Its no good! BUT as of last night there has been a cool front (thankfully) move in. I think going from a high of 102 all week to going to a high of 83 all week will be a nice improvement!! Im getting very excited for fall, I cant wait to start decorating my house for the holidays(yes Im literally obsessed with the holiday season)!!!!! I love the crispness in the air, the pumpkin patches, jeans, boots, sweaters, scarves, hats, and of course the FOOTBALL!!! I never thought of myself as a football fan, but since moving to Nebraska, its impossible not to be! I went from despising the huskers, to being a huge fan!! I love going to the games, and just everything about it!! Its just seriously my favorite time of year!! Is it just me or has this year just flown by? Im hoping Ill get a nice surprise in time for football season....I bet any of you can guess what surprise Im hoping for (insert big smile).

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