Thursday, August 12, 2010


Umm wow so day 3 of clomid and the past two cycles I did clomid I NEVER had as intense side effects. My dose is actually the lowest it can be. Its insane. Last night and tonight I have had the WORST mood swings. Its insanely bad. Please pray for my dear husband, poor guy. I pray this is a sign that Im responding better and we will FINALLY get our little one

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  1. Ohhh totally hear ya i did three cycles of clomid at the beginning of the year i almost thought DH was going to divorce me i was soo horrid. Something to lighten your spirits found a blog few weeks ago and she had a posting about clomid and its really funny u should check it out. Just a warning she is preggo now so u may come across some stuff when visiting her site and second she tends to use swear words once and a while. Enjoy!


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